More and more different mobile apps are hitting the market on a daily basis. However, according to statistics just a few of them can successfully draw the attention of its potential users. Most of the customers download new applications just out of curiosity and then delete them without opening a couple of months later. For this reason it is significant for you to communicate with your potential audience effectively and advertise your app quite carefully.

If you are just a beginner and only start understanding the mobile world, it will be more helpful to use the services of experienced people in mobile app advertising. For instance, you can check out this service which is now considered to be one of the most respectable platforms of that kind. But if you think you can do it on your own and want to save some money, then you should have a look at these simple and useful tips which you can easily apply to your app advertising strategy.

Design great website for your product

It has to be a website which demonstrates your mobile app to other web users. An awesome website could make lots of curious customers download and install your app on App Store and Google Play. Such websites have many benefits: for instance, they provide fast and most relevant information about the app which you are advertising. In-depth info is usually provided in a lightweight manner that in turn greatly helps to use social media advertising.

Website for your application

Add your own blog to the website

It is especially important as you should have fresh updated content on your website daily. With your own blog, it is much easier to add new interesting stuff, present a change or recent news without making any modifications on the current website. Your entry is going to attract more readers and will also bring some natural links from your colleagues-bloggers. Google loves new content; so your website is going to rank higher in search and bring good traffic. Also, appending a blog to your app website lets you add reminders, notices and various announcements. With its help you could highlight individual sections of your app website. It is especially helpful during short term advertising.

Use free web platforms

When it comes to advertising your mobile product for free, there is nothing better than WordPress or Blogger. Even the multi-national organizations make use of these absolutely free platforms thanks to their ability to reach people easily. WordPress has a very vibrating community, and it is quite simple to get lots of exposure from the given platform.

Start guest publishing

Find and contact those bloggers who usually write on mobile technology. Search WordPress, Facebook and Blogger in order to find them and offer them guest posting. It could give your application (or mobile website) lots of exposure.

You could use the guest publishing for advertising purposes, but you have to write the articles of very high quality. Otherwise, most respectable blogs will turn your request to publish the article down. A nicely-written article on a famous blog could generate high traffic quite quickly.

Guest publishing for advertising purposes

Contact mobile review websites

There are lots of awesome websites which will publish positive reviews of your new app absolutely for free. Submit your product on the given websites and ask for a review. Do not be afraid to shell out a couple of bucks if this website is really cool.

Make a contest on your page on Facebook

Run a contest in order to enhance participation on your page on Facebook. It is going to attract more new users and therefore increase the possibility of getting more downloads. Curious what to do for running a contest on the social media? Well, one of the most efficient and easy strategies is to present vouchers and gift cards. You should specifically target those people who are really interested in buying your product.

For instance, if it is a mobile application, the giveaway has to be something kind of an option for downloading the application for free. With the help of such contests on social media accounts, you have to make a database by gathering contact information (details and emails) of as many contest participants as possible.

Try to use Pinterest

Upload all types of pictures and infographics using Pinterest. It may be a great source of huge traffic. You could make your personal pins with screenshots, photos and clicks which are connected with your mobile application. Clicking on the pictures ad photos which you upload is going to redirect your users to your personal website, and it will greatly enhance the traffic of your website. You could also start a contest such as “pin it to win it”. It will make photos and pictures even more popular. Therefore, your application will also become more popular.

Create an advertising strategy

Build an advertising strategy such as making your application initially free for a couple of months and then turning your product into a paid version. Also, you may consider creating some basic app features which will be free and having a premium version as well; the given concept is named “Freemium”.

Advertising strategy

Use websites sharing video

Shoot advertising or how-to-use-it kind of videos and upload them on Metacafe, Youtube and Dailymotion. It will increase your website traffic. You could also embed such videos on your personal website. Watching such videos is always fun, interesting and useful. And in the process of it your message is delivered.

Take part in forum discussions

There are plenty of technology forums existing where you could take part in different discussions or even start your personal thread. Although direct advertising is prohibited there, you could always refer to your application in a natural and non-spammy way.

The idea of forum publishing and commenting can help you popularize the newly presented application. Although there is no direct advertising present, popularizing your product among the potential clients is very important. With the help of such forum posts and commenting, you could distribute information in a natural way to your potential app users. Also, you may discuss different topics connected to your mobile application.

Do search engine optimization for your website

It could sound like a total turn-off, but you just cannot do without on- and off-page optimization. Appropriate usage of heading tags, Meta tags, URL optimization, social media advertising and link building are required for drawing the attention of more new users. If you are not really comfortable with doing it, just hire a professional agency.

Use paid advertising

You cannot hope to evolve organic traffic during one night. If you are seeking a shortcut, use paid advertisements such as Pay Per Click. It is a great way to achieve the desired results. In addition, media planning and buying can also help in advertising of smart phone applications.

You should keep in mind those above presented tips in case you are targeting the owners of smart phones with a mobile app. The most part of these promotional strategies comes for free, but they can play a significant role in distributing information about your new mobile app.