The reasons: why would you need a mobile application?

As a marketer, it is vital for you to understand your main audience’s mobile using in order to make sure they could find you when, how and where they are looking for your product on their choice device.

The researchers claim that 1 out of every 3 website visitors to the average retail is mobile. It means that you should provide them with the fine-drawn mobile experience or you are going to loose a third of your possible audience. Summing up all mentioned above, you need to know what devices (computers, smart phones or tablets) your potential customers are using. According to statistics:

78% of smart phone owners access a retail website with the help of a mobile application. It makes sense while users of smart phones are on-the-go looking for selected information and using less data which a mobile application provides them with;

56% of tablet owners have access to a retail website by means of a mobile browser. Famous as couch commerce, users of tablets are in a shopping mode where they are studying various variants.

The researchers are also sure that at about 63% of mobile commerce happens on a smart phone, emphasizing the need to provide people with a mobile website and mobile application. But certainly, you need much more of it. When your mobile website makes the best use of both tablets and smart phones, people can find your website and its information is always available.

It is often cited to as responsive design and it is the first step you take for getting new useful information out to mobile customers but it does not offer so rich experience as the mobile application could. When you suggest users try a mobile application, however, the customer should first learn about this application, download it and install before he or she can get access to your information. So you not only have to design a proper mobile application, but you also should actively advertise it to your potential audience.

Top 21 useful ways for successful advertising of your new mobile application

There is no universal way which can help you make your audience download repeatedly use your new mobile application.

21 useful ways for successful advertising of your new mobile application

You have to use a variety of strategies and advertising tactics in order to create your own audience. Let’s have a look at the most successful and useful of them.

  1. Fill the people’s need. It means you have to know your target audience and what kind of information they are looking for while they are on-the-go. It should be quality information which can be much help to your potential audience. In case your application is useless, it should not be used or even recommended to use.
  2. Advertise your new application on your personal mobile website. If people have found your mobile website, they will be the main candidates for downloading and using your product. Just make it easier for them.
  3. Characterize your new mobile application on your personal website. It does not necessarily mean just a small link in the footer. It means you have to advertise it noticeably where it is appropriate. You should consider using some special offer in order to make customers download and install your application and to make it worth of their time.
  4. Place your application into the appropriate Android and iOS app stores. It will provide you with more shelf space to make your application being noticed by your potential customers. It also contributes the process of your application functionality and information updating later on.
  5. Make sure your application is being reviewed on targeted application review websites. You should understand that it usually takes some work. So choose the best review websites and have your app reviewed by them.
  6. Use the maximum advantage of your email news-sheet. While reading email is the main activity which people usually do on their smart phones, you can let them know about your new mobile application by means of email and make it easier for them to download and install it.
  7. Add a link to your new mobile application to the emails of your customer service. The most part of customer service emails consists in the fact that they tend to go to main email address of the customers.
  8. Add a link to your new mobile application to your emails with purchase confirmation. Like customer service asking for information, customers usually look exactly for these emails so it is a great place for giving a customer some motivation or stimulus for another associated and useful purchase.
  9. Integrate a link to your new mobile application in your email signature file. You can go even one step further and try to make everyone in your institution use this very link.
  10. Append a link to your new mobile application to your business cards. It will be another excellent way of extending your reach for potential customers.
  11. Have a discussion about your new mobile application in the corresponding forums.  Think about Google+, Yahoo and LinkedIn Groups, Twitter chats and other venues.
  12. Integrate a link to your new mobile application in your profile in social media. You can add this to the key information on your business. You should remember that people are spending at least a fifth of their spare time on mobile on the site of social media.
  13. Advertise your new mobile app with the help of social media. It means you can create some special tab on Twitter or Facebook.
  14. Make use of social media promotion to maintain your efforts. These advertisements are highly selected and therefore they could be efficient.Social media promotion
  15. Create your own blog post which will be explaining the usefulness of your new mobile app. You can also include there screenshots and some other goodies.
  16. Try to develop a good video which will be showing your new app in action. It is also useful to add it to your blog and YouTube page.
  17. Advertise your new mobile application in your store. You should mention your application in your flyers and signage in order to encourage your buyers to download and install it.
  18. Have a computer or tablet available for collecting email addresses. Sending there a direct link to your new mobile application is a perfect way to encourage potential customers who are interested in your product line. If you do not have an extra device which is available, then you can use a hand written list.
  19. Place QR codes on your product, in your app store and other offline media. Try to make sure that you have included a call-to-action for encouraging people to use it.
  20. Get advantages of other media. Advertise your new mobile application in other forms of promotion and media. For instance, Project Runway usually encourages its viewers to download their new app to be able to interact with their broadcast in real time.
  21. Do not forget to mention your new mobile application in your presentations. You should include your new mobile application in your presentations. Add a special offer on your bio slide or on the last slide.

You should remember that your main goal is to design and develop an application that people want, which they can easily find in the App Store, download and install in order to get some more useful information. And what other way of advertising your mobile apps could you recommend? In order to get more useful information on the topic, check out Applead.