Evolving your application idea is one thing, but making it being noticed is something that is completely different. With thousands of apps that are released every day on Apple’s Application Store and across Android’s Google Play, the matter of discover ability is kind of an urgent one for the developers. Fortunately, there is a whole industry of marketing networks and agencies that help you advertise your application and increase your user-base, proposing everything from the downloads to review of blogger outreach campaigns.

We have made a list of some of the best companies that are working in app advertising sphere now and can help you get started. In order to find some more detailed information on how to advertise your application you may take a look at mentioned below agencies and networks.

App advertising networks

Application advertising networks are mobile promotion networks or advertising platforms which can place your ads across other different mobile apps.

Industry of marketing networks and agencies

They will usually upload on the basis of cost per install and sometimes in a very subtle way, such as uploading only for active and regular users. Such networks often use stimulus to convince people to make downloads.

  1. Appflood – it is a cross advertising exchange and network which provides a service completely free of commission.
  2. NativeX — this network has operated over 1bn downloads reaching over 100m game users and applications.
  3. appOptim – you can actually socialize your application with the help of the appOptim SDK which combines with every major social network.
  4. Fiksu – it is an application marketing company that offers non-stimulus download network on Android and iOS. It usually cooperates with various brands such as Barnes and Noble. It is based in USA, Boston.
  5. Jampp – it is a good mobile application advertising platform that offers a fixed cost-per-install model for application advertising companies.
  6. Brusmedia – this network can offer you advertising of your app on a CPI or CPC basis.
  7. Applifier – it is an app advertising network which works by linking a user to your application each time when your app links a user to another developer – there are no fees and it is a big plus. This network is now based in Helsinki, Finland, but also has representatives in San Francisco.
  8. Adduplex – it is an app advertising network which is focused basically on the Windows Phone 7 operating system. It is also based in Helsinki.
  9. TapJoy – it is an app advertising network offering non-stimulus application download network. TapJoy also can be a sponsor for those developers who are looking to turn their app to Android. It is now based in San-Francisco, US.App advertising networks
  10. Appucino – it is a popular platform which uses marketing based on location in order to advertise videogame brands and apps. It is run by developer of Games2Win and is situated in Mumbai, India.
  11. Flurry – it is mobile best analytics and app advertising network which offers targeted user takeover to developers by means of its AppCircle application recommendation platform. It is based in San Francisco, and has representatives in London and New York.
  12. G6Pay – it is an app advertising network that mainly focuses on offering non-stimulus pay-per-install downloads on iOS and Android Now it is based in California, USA.
  13. AppDog – it is a stimulus app advertising platform that prizes users with Facebook credits for free when they download iOS or Android apps. It is situated in San Francisco, USA.
  14. TapGen – it allows developers to advertise their apps across a non-stimulus curated application wall, and also a platform that advertises apps while also suggesting users contests and some special offers.
  15. Ad Dash – it is an app advertising network which lets the developers install a cross advertising networks within their personal library of applications.
  16. AdColony – it is a mobile advertising network that mainly focuses on HD video promotion for apps, while developers pay only in case the video has been watched to completion. It is based in Los Angeles, California.

App advertising agencies

Application advertising agencies usually offer a lot of different services to mobile application developers and also publishers, that are mainly ranging from traditional marketing and PR activity to highly experienced services such as Appstore SEO mobile advertising and other various techniques.

App advertising agencies

  1. Dot Com Infoway – it is one of the leading mobile applications marketing specialists that offer services to app publishers and developers around the world.
  2. App Promo – it is an app marketing agency that offers full service on ASO, PR and development, mobile promotion and much more. It is situated in Toronto, Canada.
  3. Combo App – it is an app advertising agency that offers ASO, PR and chart placements campaigns. It is based in Chicago USA, with representatives in Vancouver, Canada.
  4. Avai – it is an app developer also offering app advertising and marketing services. Agency is situated in Texas, USA.
  5. OnTheMob – it is an application development and advertising agency that mainly focuses on press relations, media buying and product strategy. Among its clients you can find Citroen and MasterCard. Now it is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  6. Amadeus Consulting – it is a software and app developer that can also offer app advertising, including press relations, social media marketing and Flurry analytics. It is situated in Colorado, USA.
  7. Appromotor – it is a well-known app advertising platform that lets developers supply their application into a database acting as a resource for bloggers and journalists looking to make a review of apps.
  8. My First Mobile App – it is an app developer agency also offering advertising services across every smart phone platform.
  9. App Optimisers – it is based in UK app advertising agency that is specialized in video and blog advertising and social media marketing.
  10. MobiZest – it is a full service marketing agency specializing in mobile and application advertising. Among its clients you can find Just Eat and Intent Media. It is situated in London, UK.
  11. PressPect – it is an application marketing agency which mostly helps developers advertise their app in Russia. It also offers translation, PR services and Russian app store optimization. It is situated in Moscow, Russia.
  12. SEO Girl – it is a freelance web marketer which is now based in Tel Aviv, Israel. It mainly offers application promotion services, for example, application store optimization, press relations and social media marketing.
  13. Sosemo – it is a digital marketing agency which can offer app advertising services such as PR and app store optimization. It is situated in New York City, USA.

Application store optimization instruments

Since the app advertising sphere gets more and more difficult some interesting instruments and platforms are starting to appear. This is quite an arising area if to compare with the web for instance where there are only 1000s of SEO instruments and services.

Application store optimization instruments

  1. Appstore Optimization – it is a great resource of Appstore Optimization information which can offer ASO services and consultancy.
  2. AppCod.es – this instrument helps developers to optimize their apps better for various application stores.
  3. MobileDevHQ – it is an app store optimization instrument that lets you follow your rankings and optimize search keywords.
  4. Alau.me – it is a link tracking instrument, which is quite similar tobit.ly, which lets you follow how a lot of users click on a link to your application store page and then they go on download of your app.

Even 1,5 year ago there were only a few dedicated mobile app advertising companies – and nowadays there are almost hundreds to choose from. If you want to learn more about marketing of your mobile application, check out Applead.