Social media is one of the most useful ways to promote mobile applications and games for a variety of reasons, such as the ability to communicate with your audience, availability of users at almost any time, various tools that allow you to gather feedback efficiently and improve your application or game. However, it’s important to approach this question responsibly and genuinely – after all, you are going to communicate with your audience and you will need to keep your reputation as clean as possible, because the users from the outside take notice of the unprofessional behaviour. But let’s not talk about sad things, let’s take a look at tips and tricks of promotion of mobile applications and games on the social media.

Tips and tricks of social media marketing

There are many ways to promote mobile apps on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc), and it’s a pleasant experience if you can pull it off and if you are ready to deal with fans directly. Consider following these steps to make the process as smooth as possible:

  • Create a page on every major social network site to make sure that you are covering as many users as possible. This will be your main hub for social network advertising activities;
  • Update the pages on regular basis and post interesting content to keep users interested in visiting your page;
  • Try to convert your personal followers to the followers of the official page or group of your application or game on the social media and consider asking your friends to join you too and help you spread the word on the Internet. This way you won’t start from zero and get some public attention;
  • Talk to your fans and participate in their discussions where necessary. Be polite and genuine at all times and make sure that they have their questions answered;
  • Consider giving out beta access keys to the most active users to gather additional feedback on your application or game;
  • Promoted posts and targeted mobile advertising can help you a lot in gathering additional attention. Give them a try and see if they help you attract new people to your group;
  • Post in relevant groups and on relevant pages. There are many communities where app and game developers can show off their work and they are generally friendly and can provide useful feedback and advice on many aspects, because not only users, but also developers are participating in communities like these;
  • Consider giving out promo codes and holding various promotional events, such as an opportunity to win the in-app items or other useful things by sharing your content;
  • Look at the tools provided by the social network – you could use voting and other functionality to gather feedback or determine which features users like the most and what you need to consider adding in your application or game with an update;
  • Inform the users about the updates and make sure to respond to specific bug reports with the information about the fixes so the user knows that the issue is gone and they can continue using your app or playing your game without issues that used to hamper them.

By following this advice you can set up social media marketing campaign efficiently.

Consider professional help in case it takes too much time

It’s understandable that you, as a developer, want to focus on making the best app or game possible – in fact, it’s only encouraged. After all, it’s the product that matters to you. However, the market doesn’t work like that, otherwise every high-quality product would get a lot of attention and developers wouldn’t have to deal with the marketing and promotional tasks. If you feel that the management of the social media pages for your application or game are taking too much time away from the development, then it’s a good idea to get a profession marketing agency to do the management and promotion for you.