“If suddenly a tree falls in the middle of the forest and there is no one around who can hear it, so does it make a sound?” Does your application really exist if no one actually knows about it? It may seem too philosophical for you, but we are just trying to make a point. The point here is that no one really cares that you have spent many months creating your new product. People do not care if you have the best game in the world of apps.

No one will care if you have pledged your house so that you could afford to pay the designer. Before your customers can even start caring about your application, they have to know that it does exist. And even after that, it is only half of the battle. So, here are the advertising methods which you could use in order to get your application noticed by the users; these methods can lead you to more money, enhanced downloads and better application ranking.

Mobile advertising networks

In-app promotion is one of the quite easy ways which can help you get your application in front of a selected audience. In case you have installed a free application, then you have already seen those graphical advertisements across the top or the bottom of the screen. One of the good things about these advertisements is that they actually can be highly selected to achieve your perfect consumers. The advertising network sends your advertisement to well-matched or similar applications to enhance the chance that a user is going to click through.

Mobile advertising networks

What means more exposure? And how about revealing your advertisement in a top-ranked application? Mobclix, one of the famous mobile advertising networks, brags access to more top-100 applications than anywhere else. That is why, if you would like to get exposure to the users of exceedingly popular applications, you should check https://applead.net/en.

So what makes in-application promotion so strong? It is that you are reaching selected customers at that point when they are susceptible to your marketing message. The main idea is that in case the networks serve up pertinent advertisements, customer transformation will be much higher. That is the power of highly-selected advertising. And what about the price? Mobile advertising networks charge on a CPC (cost-per-click) basis.

Download programs based on stimulus

Stimulus-based download programs suggest incentives in order to convince users to install and try out many other various applications. Incentives can include virtual money which the players may use in their present game application. (Please, note that Apple has prohibited the usage of stimulus downloads to advertise applications in its Application Store. This brand sees this kind of advertising as an attempt to play around the chart rankings. In case you are an iOS creator, you may skip this part).

So why did Apple prohibit stimulus downloads? The answer is rather simple: because people download and install these applications in order to get the prizes, and not to try these applications out. What is usually happening then? You get shitty and worthless applications on the top of the charts (while their rankings were raised by the stimulus downloads). In fact there is nothing wrong with stimulus downloads . . . only if you are advertising a good application. With hundreds and even thousands of applications there, you require all the help you may get to enhance your application’s semblance. So why not to give the customers stimulus to give you a try? Apple is dropping on the good creators for the sins the bad ones did. This is one of the reasons to create Android and not iOS applications.

Advertising a good application

So what is stimulus advertising? Below you can find good examples from one of the major players in this sphere, Tapjoy. In case you want fame, use the full-screen display which shows on application startup. Or you may use a little banner advertisement in the application itself. Stimulus-based programs for download load on a basis pay-per-install. The price can vary from just $0.15 per install to even $0.60 per install. This difference in price per install usually depends on the number: how many of your potential users are you able to reach? Some dealers have access only to a little number of users since others have much more opportunities that lead them to hundreds of thousands of the potential users.

When you are selecting a program, you might also have to see what kind of user base it has. For instance, does their user base have games, puzzles or sports games? Are these games selected on the basis of adults and young children? Preferably, you want the user base to correspond to the kind of users which you have in mind for your new product. Differently, you are going to waste some money marketing to the audience which will never be using your application. Stimulus download advertising can not only give your application a big boost in visibility, but it may also enhance your user base as long as you have a great application to advertise AND you choose the right dealer.

Application review websites

Offering your application to review on different websites is a perfect way to get exposure to a huge audience. While these review websites have hundreds and even thousands of review requests, your main aim is to make the job of the reviewer much easier. If you make it simple for them to give a review, it will enhance the chance of reviewing your application. So how can you make it simpler for them to give a review about your new product?

  1. If you give the reviewers the advertising code which is necessary for them to download your application for free (it concerns iPhone and iPad applications only). Apple offers iOS Creators 50 codes (for every version of their application) which may be used in order to download their applications for free. In case you are an Android creator, this does not concern you. You may just offer the reviewer a copy of your application’s APK file.
  2. You can provide the reviewer with all the information about an application they might need to know. It includes the name of the product (with a direct link to the application’s page on App Store or Google Play), the contact information, company or developer name and a direct link to your personal website.
  3. Do not make reviewers guess about what your application can do. When offering your application for reviewing, you should also include a clear description of how exactly it acts and how they can use it. Mention what category this app belongs to and what kind of user base it is targeting.
  4. If you have a polished and finished application which is ready for them to review. It may seem too obvious but too many creators are in such a hurry to finish their new product that they are not much bothered with debugging, testing and polishing it. You should remember that you get only one chance to make a perfect first impression. Do not waste it.
  5. Impress the reviewers with a video presentation of the new product. It is not necessary to have a Hollywood production, but just something which is simple and brief. Think about it as about your “elevator pitch”. And remember that the reviewer does not know anything about your application and does not have any time for learning how to use it right. So using such video to introduce the best characteristics of your application will help you save them some time. They are gonna love you for this.

Application for reviewing

And since we are on the topic of saving your time, look if you can describe the essence of your application with the help of just one sentence. It is called a “high conception pitch”. There are some good examples of it below:

  • “Twitter is Blogger for Attention Deficit Disorder.”
  • “LinkedIn is Facebook for business.”
  • “YouTube is Flickr for video.”