Today, thousands of contemporary Android developers are looking for ways to promote mobile app on the Google Play to make sure that it stays in business and manage to reach its target audience. However, that’s easier said than done, especially when the market is over-saturated with apps and games of all kinds, and it takes a lot more effort to make sure that the users will notice the app and follow it. That’s why it’s recommended to look deeper into Android app promotion to make sure that you’re ready to pave the way towards your audience and make sure that your app will get at least mildly successful to recover the costs of development, marketing and other parts of the process.

That’s why we’re providing a few tips on how to promote Android app on Google Play and other parts of the Internet to help you out. Consider following these steps:

  1. Make sure that the app is ready

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when it comes to the release of your app or game is releasing it in the unfinished state. Always remember that your app should be as polished as possible before you launch it to avoid the negativity from users when they hit the bugs or glitches. It’s also important to avoid public beta-testing of the app – while it will provide better feedback, the general reception of your application will be worse than it could be, because not everyone understands the meaning of “alpha” and “beta” versions. Try testing among people you know and those who will test your app honestly.

Sometimes taking a week or two to polish your app is a better idea than trying to rush it. Focus on quality rather than faster release.

  1. Use social media to your advantage

Take some time to create a page for your app on all major social networks and use it as a hub to share the news about your app or game. It’s a wise move, because it allows easier communication with the audience, but at the same time it requires some time and effort to promote the page and manage it. Clean up the spam regularly and make sure the community remains positive.

  1. Research keywords

Research of the relevant keywords in the current trends should help you determine how you can promote your app more efficiently by using these keywords in the tags field and app description – this is a part of app store optimization (ASO). You can potentially increase the conversions by including a keyword in the app title. If this doesn’t help, consider changing them after a while – the effect takes some time to kick in, but the results should be very satisfying if everything works as planned – the number of users who visit your app page should increase and affect your downloads.

  1. Use incentive traffic

Incentive traffic is a great way to give your app a nice boost on the market. Before you will start having doubts about the ethical part of this task, you should remember that it’s like asking a friend to help you out (except not everyone has hundreds or thousands of friends) and then rewarding them with a beer (except the pay per install cost is way lower than the price of a beer), and everyone does it. It’s usually done through a marketing agency, so consider writing down the most attractive agencies you see. Don’t worry about participants running away with your money – the process is safe and the user gets paid once they complete the instructions provided by you.

This should bring organic traffic to your app – it’s just a small speedup of the natural order of things. Bigger download numbers should improve the app ranking in the search results and attract more users, which in the end should increase the ranking position even further, and so on.

As you can see, there are options available to you when you want to promote app on Google Play on your own. However, if nothing works out, then it’s a good idea to contact a marketing agency to help you out – there’s nothing wrong with that, as it’s natural to do everything you can to push your app to the Top.