Feedback management is one of the most useful and practices today. Due to the importance of user retention and the tough conditions on the modern mobile market, one needs to not only recruit customers, but also learn how to keep them. However, this has to be done regularly and professionally, and there are many factors one needs to keep track of to make sure that their feedback management is useful and working as expected. Therefore, one needs to learn how to manage the feedback on their application or game.

We would like to provide a few examples of efficient feedback management and other ways to please your audience and maintain the positive mood of the community as well as improve your performance on the market. Consider reading on to learn more about it – a strong community can increase the lifespan of your application or game as well as make your everyday life as a developer a lot easier and more positive.

Why do you need proper feedback management?

Handling the user feedback helps a lot in many ways. You can find out what your application or game is doing (and especially learn a lot about many things it is doing wrong), what direction you should choose for your application or game, what users want, what they need and generally – what they think about your app.

You need to communicate with your audience if you want to have nice results on App Store. There are many things you can learn by just talking to your fans. They will always be the ones who experience your work and they can point out things that you might have missed – and it’s easy to miss something when software development gets more complex every year.

And someone needs to read Android and iOS app reviews, respond to them and make sure that the users are happy. Even a simple “thank you” in response to a positive feedback app can win the loyalty of your customers.

Remember that your customers are people too

It’s always important to be genuine and polite at all times and do your best to resolve every situation in a positive way for both sides. PR is an art one has to learn and master to make sure that every situation is handled appropriately. Therefore, it’s important to remember the following while dealing with the iOS and Android app reviews and feedback in general:

  • Stay calm and collected;
  • Remember that the negative review is a sign that something is wrong – there’s no point in arguing over a rating, but there is a point in learning what went wrong;
  • Remember to try to gather as much information as possible and do your best to reproduce the issue and fix it. If you can’t find it, try getting more info – it may be a rather elusive bug and the more information you can get about it, the better;
  • Once the bug is fixed or the issue is resolved, make sure to inform the user about it;
  • Consider asking the user to reconsider their review to reflect the positive changes in your application or game.

As you can see, there’s nothing too hard, just your usual homework as a developer with an addition of technical support work and PR management. Proper handling of mobile app reviews can help you recruit new customers easily, so it’s a good idea to be nice and helpful to promote mobile app.

Consider getting professional help

If your audience is rather small, then it’s not that hard to cover all of the reviews by taking an hour or two per day to respond to the reviews. However, this can take a lot of time if your audience grows faster than you can handle. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get a community manager to handle the app store reviews and feedback on the social media and other channels for you in your mobile app marketing campaign. It’s also recommended to get a professional to handle this task.