Today, there are many opportunities to promote mobile applications and games out there. However, not every mobile developer today has high chances of survival on the market, especially when their competitors are using marketing agencies to promote their applications and games. If you can’t afford them, the situation may seem hopeless at first. But there is a way to stay on the market and make sure that your application or game doesn’t fade into obscurity very fast.

There are ways to promote mobile applications and games on your own, and some of them are very useful in the long run. For example, today we would like to talk about app search optimization – a widely-used set of methods to make applications and games easier to find or stumble upon by the audience. Let’s find out how it works and how to use it to improve the performance of your application or game on the modern mobile market (Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store).

Why bother using it?

It’s important to remember that today is a very challenging time to be on the market. Without promotion and endless efforts to deliver the application or game to the target audience it’s next to impossible to stay afloat on the modern mobile market. More and more developers start complaining about the situation and the hardships it brings to them, therefore one needs to make sure that their position on the market is more or less stable to avoid the same results.

Also, ASO can help a lot in the long run. Making the application easier to find and making it rank higher in the search results is always a good way to make it easier for your audience to stumble upon your application or game. If you know about Search Engine Optimization, then App Store Optimization will be a lot easier to understand for you.

How to optimize my app page?

There are several steps involved in the process, but they can be easily broken down into three main stages:

  • Keyword Optimization;
  • Asset Optimization;
  • Additional optimizations.

Let’s take a closer look each stage and determine what you need to do.

Keyword Optimization

The first step in this case should be the optimization of the text used on the app page. Look into the keyword research platforms to get yourself started – Google has one, and it’s free, so you can use it to compare various keywords and determine which ones are suitable and more popular for the task. Then, insert the keywords into the tags field while creating the app page. While this may sound like the entire amount of work, the fun part hasn’t started yet.

The fun part starts when you need to write a description of your application or game. You need to insert the keywords into the app description to allow better indexation by the search engines. Ever noticed how various popular applications and games have specific words in their descriptions? Now you know how it works. You can also pick a keyword for usage in the app title – this way you should improve the potential outcome of this effect. Update the keywords in the tags field and the app description once in a while to make sure you’re running on the fresh batch of keywords and keep appearing in the search results.

Asset Optimization

Keyword Optimization works to drive the traffic towards the app page. However, one may start asking what’s going to happen next – in this case, you need to convince the user to install the app. Captivating description may be enough in some cases, but you should consider pushing it even further. Design a nice icon for your application or game – this will determine whether the user will visit the page while browsing the available apps. Also, consider making a nice preview video – think of creative ways you can use to make it more appealing to the target audience. If you can’t do that on your own, then it’s not that hard to find a freelancer to do it for you for an affordable, reasonable price.

You should also consider picking the best screenshots. Don’t fake them – just pick the best ones from your application or game and think of creative ways to use them. You can guide the user through the functionality of your app or show the awesome moments from your game – your imagination is the limit in this case.

Additional optimization

You can also provide localization to expand your target audience. Use freelance translation services to get the best possible quality for an affordable price and look at the most popular applications and games out there to figure out which languages you should consider supporting. If you need help with app search optimization, consider contacting a marketing agency to pull this off.

We hope the information provided in this article will be very useful to you. Good luck with your mobile marketing efforts and first steps into app search optimization!