The Windows Store presents various kinds of applications which are grouped according to the category or its theme. There are so many different great applications to characterize all of them, and nobody could guarantee you that your application will be selected by the users. However and fortunately there are some useful things you could do in order to make sure that your application is suitable to be considered for advertising in the App Store.

Add some extra promo images and good screenshots

In the process of characterizing mobile apps, the Windows Store might use your application images and screenshots in different layouts. Make sure to create great and picturesque screenshots which can represent your app in a good way, and also be sure to make the first screenshot especially appealing and representative.

In order to maximize the chance for your app to get characterized in the Store, you are also going to have to provide at least one advertising image in the submission of your application. Providing the size of 2400 x 1200 pixels is extremely important, while we may use this image in a great number of different ways for the customers of Windows 10 Store.

Promo images and screenshots

You should also keep in mind that we can actually crop this very image in some of the layouts, that is why the center of your picture has to contain you’re the key visual elements of your application and of course the branding and logo. You can also provide some extra sizes of the image in case your application runs on much earlier OS versions.

Create one version of your product, but not one free version – it should be a distinct and paid version of the app

You can offer your customers a free trial version of your paid application rather than trying to publish some parts for free or the paid versions of the same application. You may also make it a free product with in-application purchases that are always available to add increased functionality. In this way your application is going to have only one listing which works for every user: the one who is only interested in getting completely free downloads, and the one who can be ready to pay money for it.

Authorize the filters for the applications which contain content 16+ and 18+

Usually the Windows Store is not considering characterizing the apps with content 16+, unless this application uses the content filtering to make any content which is not appropriate for 16+ ages hidden from the users until the time when they explicitly make a decision to show it. Such content filter has to be turned on by default, it has to be protected with a password, and it has to be available in the application itself (and not just on an individual website).

List your new application in all pertinent languages and markets

Affirming your new app to all pertinent markets will help you get much wider coverage for your product. Of course, you would like to make sure that your new app is quite appropriate and suits all the local guidelines for those markets you are going to choose. Localizing the content of your app into as many various languages as it is possible could also help you a lot.

If you follow these guidelines, you will also make it much easier for others to advertise your application in social media, reviews or other venues. Some more of the detailed information about mobile app marketing you can find here.