There are hundreds and even millions of mobile applications, so here comes a reasonable question: how is your one going to set off? There is a one-stop store with everything you might need to know about successful advertising of your mobile app and operating its downloads.

  • Select the right kind of campaign to promote your mobile app;
  • Operate the downloads of your app;
  • Convince people they want to use your mobile app;
  • Watch the performance of the campaign and install automatical bidding.

Select the right kind of campaign to promote your mobile app

Promote your mobile app

First, before you start creating your promotion campaign (here you can find out more about app promotion), do some thinking about your promoting aims. Are you really that interested in finding people to download your mobile app? And what about stimulating people to open your application and take a certain action? Or to have a look at various similar campaigns and find out what kind is good for you? Extend the section right below to consider some of the features.

Kinds of mobile app campaign

Universal application campaign type

Allow AdWords creating ads for your Android application in different auto-generated forms to show across the Display, YouTube and Search Networks.

  • Ads are shown for you on the basis of creative text you fill in, and your application details in the Play Store (for example, your images and icon). These advertisements may appear on every available network.
  • Append an extra link to YouTube video for all your ads in order to show it on YouTube too.

Mobile app installs

Enhance downloads of apps with ads linking people directly to the stores where they can download your mobile app.

  • Accessible for YouTube, Display and Search Networks.
  • Formats of ads include image, video and standard mobile app ads.

Mobile app engagement

Re-include your present users with advertisements that give a direct link to specific screens in your mobile application.

  • Accessible for Search and Display Network campaigns.
  • Ad forms include image and standard app engagement advertisements.

Make your android app advertising much simpler

Compared to most Adwords promotion campaigns, you do not need to create individual advertisements for Universal application campaigns. We are going to use your advertising text ideas and holdings from the Google Play Store instead in order to design plenty of ads across a number of different networks and formats.

Android app advertising


Our systems are going to test various ad formats and advertise those ones that are doing the best, so there is no extra work which is needed from you. Your mobile ads are going to be appropriate to show up across all AdWords advertising networks including such ones as:

  • Google Play, and Search Partner websites;
  • Display Network and mobile websites;
  • YouTube.

Automatically bidding will also extremely help you make your Android installs as great as possible across networks at your aimed cost-per-install.

Operate the downloads of your app

With the help of such campaigns as “Mobile application installs” you can actually focus the whole campaign on involving more people and making them download your application. When you choose the right app you want to advertise, we will help you modify the rest of your promotion campaign aiming at ads to enhance app installs.

Mobile application installs campaigns are accessible on both the Display and Search Networks. For Android applications, your ads may show up on Google Play as a part of the Search Network. And on YouTube, you may create “TrueView for mobile application advertising” campaign to operate app downloads.


In case your actual goal is to operate clicks to your website page, but you have an app you would like to give the searchers the variant to download, you may install App Extensions for your Search advertisements instead. It means that people’s clicks on the headline of the ad will direct them exactly to your website, while the clicks on the expansion will direct them to the app shop.

Convince people they want to use your mobile app

With the help of such campaigns as “Mobile app engagement” you may show registered ads to those people who have already downloaded your app. Those ads that are directed to your present users can help them stay engaged and keep opening your application every day.

Mobile app engagement

When you connect your application to AdWords, you may focus your advertisements only on those people who have already downloaded your app. To follow how customers use your app, and watch which of your ads make people act, you may calculate specific engagement actions in your mobile app as transformations. In order to make this even simpler for you, find out how to direct a link to your account on Google Play Developer.

How do app engagement ads actually work?

App engagement mobile ads are a powerful instrument for re-connection with your current customers. Once you create your campaign “Mobile app engagement”, you may use deep link mobile ads that direct people just into your mobile app to make a specific action. Such ads do make it simpler to convince people to get from your ad to in-app actions with one click.

Watch the performance of the campaign and install automatically bidding

Well, you may measure the downloads from your mobile app install campaign, and find out how much you are paying to operate every download: use CPA bids to calculate cost-per-install and transformation tracking. For Android applications in the Google Play shop, AdWords may automatically watch your app set ups as transformations. To use a third-party transformation following system to calculate transformations for your mobile app advertising campaigns, permit auto-tagging under your preferences in account.

Transformation Optimizer may take this very step even further: it uses the transformation stats to make the bids possible for your target or cost-per-action.


Michael wants to make the downloads of his bird tracking app for Android greater. After designing a new campaign that aims at Android apps in the category “Nature”, Michael checks transformation tracking in order to see how many downloads are coming from this mobile campaign. To operate as many downloads as it is possible at a reasonable cost, Michael relies on Transformation Optimizer to keep his CPA around $2.50 per one download of the app. Michael turns off his laptop, and looks back toward the sky.

Transformation tracking shows if your ads are going to be paid off, and Transformation Optimizer calculates cost-per-install bidding for you.