Nowadays, when there are over 800 000 of different mobile applications in the app stores, it is quite difficult to stand out from hundreds of competing apps and persuade your customers to choose and download your product in the mobile market. In order to receive more downloads and create a loyal base of users, you require a great mobile app promotion strategy. There are lots of various ways to advertise your new mobile app, so we have broken it down into top 7 most efficient strategies.

7 different approaches to mobile app advertising

1. TV marketing

One of the most useful ways to market your new mobile app is advertising on TV. Many great companies successfully use this approach. So how can be such advertising approach efficient? In accordance with the research conducted by Nielsen, around 40% of smart phone owners and tablet users prefer to use their devices when watching TV and it happens on a daily basis.

The ad on TV which is aimed at advertising a mobile application targets the user at the right moment. The given approach could be very expensive and is usually used by those brands that have already done television marketing or that could afford a good commercial. In case your company is not that large as, for instance, Amazon, there is lots of other effective ways to get your app name out there.

2. Social media promotion

Marketing with the help of different social media has been a trend during the last few years for all industries. So it is no surprise that it could also be a wonderful approach for mobile application advertising. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social net work and reach your potential customers informing them about your new product. You can join special groups where other app developers share their experience and maybe even learn something new and useful. So it should be one of your first steps in mobile advertising.

7 most efficient strategies

3. Create your personal mobile website

If you are not doing this already, then start! The major part of enterprises is usually directing you to their mobile product page when you visit the website. It is easily done by adding a banner image to the mobile website with an ad for their mobile application and a button where you can download this app. It is very important to direct people to your new product instead of staying on your website. The mobile app usage is the only way which can use to retrieve essential information about your potential users and run efficient and targeted app advertising.

4. Mobile app of the day

Have your new mobile app been featured on such services as “App of the Day”? Similar services present what they find the latest and best mobile applications directly to smart phones of your users and absolutely for free. Such types of programs could generate lots of buzz for your new product by placing it in front of plenty of users. In addition, it could greatly help you create a loyal customer base as mobile users usually trust the given services to deliver the greatest products from the mobile app world.

5. Endorsements

Another expensive, but really efficient mobile app advertising strategy is celebrity endorsements. For instance, when Draw Something 2 application was launched, Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez became its celebrity endorsers. The stars sent out tweets to over 12 million of their followers combined and generated some buzz around this game. Although using celebrities will never hurt, there are many other ways to do endorsements with little budget by tapping into your personal base of users. For instance, you can turn your current users into app marketers.

Join special groups

6. Ask your users to rate the app

A high rating (four and five stars) in the app store is usually equal to more downloads. If your current users just love your new mobile app, ask them to spread information about it! You could do it in a whole number of ways. With a mobile app marketing instruments and analytics, you could use user segmentation in order to identify a group of your most engaged, frequent and active mobile application users. You may specifically target the given group with an in-application messaging campaign asking them to rate your mobile app.

Another original way to distinguish a loyal segment of your users who would like to rate your mobile app in a positive way is to use in-application messaging to make an NPS survey. With the results of this survey you will have all information you require in order to target your “advertisers” with an in-application message asking for a mobile app rating. On the contrary, you could target your “slanderers” with a campaign which asks their feedback on a support forum. Such feedback could provide even more ideas on how you could make a 5-star worthy mobile application.

7. Get your application buzz-worthy

Receiving a nice rating could generate a lot of positive noise around your app, but you have to make an app which people would like to rate highly. You may advertise a mobile app in any way you want, but in case you do not have the mobile experience which brings some value to your users, then all your efforts will be just wasted. You have to make data-driven design and have advertising decisions in order to create the greatest application possible. Mobile app-specific analytics and advertising instruments may greatly help you strategically make the best mobile app for your original offering, making it really worth talking about.

Summing up

Every company or brand has a different advertising budget and strategy for marketing their products. The significant thing is to find out which advertising strategy will work best for your mobile application and advertise it in the most efficient way possible. It is going to generate some buzz around your app and make people chose and download your product that will eventually (with the right instruments) lead to loyal and valuable customers (more information you can find here).