You have already done the basic work, placed in the research hours and spent countless days and nights brainstorming different thoughts, ideas and programming the data, and you have finally created the perfect mobile application. Your new product functions impeccably, with no mistake or glitch to be found, and it is absolutely ready to change the way people communicate, navigate, educate, investigate or otherwise haunt the online world. And now comes the trickiest part of the whole process: finding out a way to make your application be discovered by potential users.

With over four million of different mobile applications currently available across the app stores, making yours stand out from the rest and become prosperous is harder than ever. Here are presented top four efficient mobile app promotion tactics which can help you get started.

1. Offer in-application purchases from the very beginning

With game apps, it is very important to offer instant opportunities for the users to progress by purchasing different boosts and upgrades. Even in case your users think that they are just going to try your app out for a few days, they might become actively engaged and decide to pay after a brief period of time. However, some users would like to take their time and calmly experience everything which the game may offer before they make a decision to pay. Due to the range of users, you might want to ensure that regardless their spending patterns, you will still have built in opportunities for maximizing your income.

2. Determine your KPI’s before you test the app

Are you really interested in getting a significant number of new users in a short period of time in order to make your mobile application ranking get up with the help of a burst campaign? Is your main goal to pay for those users who tend to play for seven days or thirty days and more? Do you determine quality by in-application purchases or over ten hours of play? Then it will be a great idea to try to determine your KPI’s during the game development. On the other hand, if you did not do it, ensure that you have determined it before your advertising campaign goes live. For this reason you could optimize your traffic sources, save some money and receive the best results.

3. Do not be scared of remnant traffic

RTB usually brings a completely new level of effectiveness to advertisement buying. In RTB just like in any other auction the promoter that pays the most in order to reach a particular kind of the audience receives the opportunity to do it. Popular mobile apps and websites cost much more, but they do not necessarily work any better than a bit cheaper resources. Just shop around and begin with the media source which gives you the lowest prices. Higher prices are not necessarily equal to high quality performance so do not be afraid to purchase remnant traffic.

4. Stay in touch with the newest targeting opportunities

Facebook can offer you the whole range of advanced options for targeting which may greatly improve the results of any advertising campaign. These options include Custom Audiences, Remarketing and Similarly Lookalike Audiences.  Google has recently presented additional promotional and targeting options for YouTube and Google Play. You could target application download advertisements on the YouTube and reach more new users basing on the kind of mobile applications which they have already downloaded to their mobile devices, how often they use these applications, as well as the history of their download.